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You've invested time, talent, and energy into developing a winning invention. Now it's time to make sure it's protected.
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What is PatentTX?

PatentTX is a patent submission system that will allow the inventor to submit their ideas and utilize a Blockchain to securely store a submission.

The inventor will be able to safely store, access, and digitally sign their inventions.  Our PTX coin will be used to digitally sign the submitted patent and notarize with Bitcoin blockchain. 

​Submitting a Patent will never be easier.  We have streamlined the process to a few questions and quickly give you the protection you need to Market your invention.  


Provisional Patent

With a provisional patent submission you will receive a Patent Pending status from the USPTO office when they receive your application.


Simplified Process

As you go through our questions and need to research more information, feel free to pause and save your work.  The progress you made will be saved and you will be able to pickup where you left.  

Process Steps
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    01. Account Registration

    Begin by registering for an account and gain access to helpful material to start your application.

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    02. Artificial Intelligence

    Work with an AI assistant to help guide you through the process of selecting the right kind of patent application.

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    03. Application

    Fill out the selected questions.

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    04. Proof of Submission

    Submit your Provisional Patent application and payment.  Recorded on blockchain.


Strategic minds

Our Patent application experts have designed the system to be fully automated and to meet every type of Provisional patent submission.  You will receive, upon acceptance from Patent Office, a Patent Pending status for your invention for 12 months.

Roadmap Our strategic plans and milestones.

Dedicated team working on successfully completing our Roadmap.

Q4 2018

R&D and Platform development.

Market analysis and research on patent systems and technological innovation.  Build Artificial Intelligence into PatentTX system.  Chose a block-chain platform that will meet all business objectives and offer maximum security, stability and growth.  Publish whitepaper on PatentTX (PTX) coin.  Develop web wallets and list on Decentralized Exchange.

Q1 2019

Unlocking potential. Delivering results.

Fully operational with Patent submission application system in the US.  Adding 6 additional major countries to PatentTX system.  Request PTX coin listing on Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges.  System capability to process a minimum of 5000 applications per month.

Q2 2019

Helping your business build and grow.

Partnership opportunities with leading Patent attorneys.  Giving the Inventor best representation for your funds and project. Increase system capability to support minimum of 25000 applications per month.  Additional 12 countries added to PatentTX system.   

Q3 2019

Efficiency improvements. Increased market exposure.

Work with USPTO and International Patent Offices to integrate PatentTX system.  Additional 16 countries added to PatentTX system.  Increase system capability to support minimum of 100,000 applications per month.  Introduce innovative crowdfunding system for promising inventions.


Wallets will be available soon after our Go-Live date. Wallet has Native and Lite modes. In Native mode, a complete copy of the PatentTX blockchain will download and you will operate as a full node and Staking. In Lite mode, a connection to Electrum servers will give you access to coins using a Secret Passphrase.



Compatible with 32 and 64 bit Windows system.




Compatible with Ubuntu, Redhat and Suse distributions.



Mac OS

Native and Lite mode will be available for Mac clients.



White Paper

We provide a digital system based on cryptography that allows any inventor to submit their ideas, notes, invention logs and be able to prove they were the original inventor using our blockchain. Blockchain technology will provide much needed protection inventors are lacking. Innovation is not growing at the same rate as it did in the previous decades and the costs associated continue to rise...


Our Team

Our team are highly qualified professionals from multiple disciplines. Chosen for their passion for innovation and gifted in their respective industries.

Founder / CEO

Previously worked as a DevOps Systems Engineer at MIT. Raul is an Information Technology professional with over 21 years of experience building world class solutions in private corporations, State and Federal government agencies. Successfully driven projects in web application technologies, solution implementation, process improvement, software development, business intelligence, distributed systems consolidation, archiving solutions, network storage solutions, cloud architecture, datacenter management and virtual system architecture.

Business Development

Nikhil is driving our vision and pursuing business partnerships, moderating and brand management. Transitioning into cryptocurrency in 2015 has strengthened his passion for building valuable associations. Creativity, problem solving skills and leadership are his strengths and thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company's reach. Nikhil holds a Bachelors degree from GGSIPU University and a Masters degree from HBTU, Kanpur.

Sales and Marketing

Andreas has always had a great perspective of financial markets and holds two Masters degrees in Economics.  Passion for investing and working in the blockchain industry, he uses his extensive sales experience from the financial and technology sector, his creativity to establish, negotiate and handle partnerships.

Platforms and Media

Griff is a visionary with practical insight to the future of blockchain and their use cases.  Engages with the markets using all social media tools and marketing campaigns.  An advisor in all matters related to the business of the organization with a personal goal of forging new working relationships and synergies across the organization, and establishing greater transparency and accountability for those people carrying out the company’s strategy.

Investor & Business Relations

Justin specializes in strategy of business execution and design of organizational structure. In addition, he successfully raised capital in 2018 for his wife’s small business through the newly approved SEC Regulation Crowd Funding (CF) through the Growth Fountain platform. Justin has keen knowledge and insight to the opportunity and challenges of business start-up financing.

Platforms and Strategy

Parth is taking the lead for the development of PatentTX, both in terms of what our platform has to offer as well as establish long lasting relationships with businesses and individuals who are in the patent space. Being an early investor in blockchain, he has worked his way into being a member of several crypto projects and is also looking to establish his own in the near future. He will continue to manage the inner workings of PTX with the team and ensure efficient steps in the near future.

Delivering results that endure. Strategy and technology to the world.

Our initiative is to simplify the complicated patent systems around the world and give our clients access to submit applications to other countries with a click of a button.  We are able to accomplish this with our multinational team and partners.

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