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Notes Platform

Get your mind and ideas (focused / ordered / structured) by using our Notes platform. When your ready, use your PTX to simply log it on the blockchain.


Patent Platform

Take your notes to the next step by using our patent platform. Easy to use and when submitted, legally binding.


AI Assistant

Our Artificial Intelligent assistant will guide you through the process of filing a patent.


Patent Pending

You will automatically receive Patent Pending status for your invention when received by the patent office.

*Note: Additional administration fee from patent offices for patent submissions may apply.

Pricing plans and options

Below is the pricing we offer for our services. To save your Note or Patent to the blockchain you will need to use 1 PTX coin to submit. This will generate the needed transaction to record your submission.

Notes+ Platform


  • Notes+ platform
  • Option to buy PTX coins
  • Save on Blockchain
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Idea Package


  • Yearly Subscription
  • Notes+ platform
  • Patent Submission Platform
  • Includes 10 PTX coins
  • AI assistant
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Collaboration Package


  • Idea Package
  • Includes 40 PTX Coins
  • 5 user accounts
  • Shared Team access
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Corporate Package


  • Collaboration Package
  • Includes 200 PTX coins
  • 15+ User Accounts
  • Account Management
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